Good therapy

Last night I really came down with just the blahs. About 4pm I hit the “I’m -really- beat” wall, after a pretty intense day of coding, and I just couldn’t get motivated to get going again.

After picking up Zach at school around 4:30, I decided to stop by Home Depot to a) look at some cargo trailers they have available (MAN are these expensive. I need a 5×8 closed trailer. Anyone know a source? HD wanted $1900! I can just buy a used cargo van for that amount). Though the trailers were nice. 🙂
At HD I picked up all the pieces I need to build a set of shelves behind my bed. The bed is currently offset from the wall because of a big radiator under the window. To fill in the gap, I have a folded up futon. It works, but you can’t put anything on top of it or the like. I want to be able to have a place for the remote for the stereo and a pair of reading lights.
Got all the wood together, got some epoxy for sealing what will be a plywood surface (I have a thing for marine plywood with epoxy… indestructible, hard surface. Mmm.) and managed to wedge it all into my VW Golf. Zach was having a great time during the whole adventure, mostly pushing the big lumber cart around. HD was basically deserted, which was a bit odd.
Anyway, got home, and was just -wiped-. NOt up for moving the equipment for the convention out of the garage for warmup, not up for unloading the car, not up for -anything-. Fortunately Cat was keen on taking over kid duty, and I just sort of slumped at my desk. Didn’t want to code, didn’t want to watch tv, but… I could… game… Hmm. I haven’t played games in ages.
Games on Linux machines tend not to be of the ilk I want to play when relaxing. So I have a windows box down in the office that is primarily just for gaming. A couple rounds of Quake didn’t quite do it, but then I thought about running up Starcraft. Couldn’t find the CD, but I did find the Red Alert 2 CD. Ahhhh, that’ll work. Nothing like a fantastical USA vs da Russkies game to get things rolling.
I started playing around 8:30 or so, and got TOTALLY sucked in. Played the first 5-6 scenarios, the last round lasting almost 2 hours for one scenario (was great – Russian forces had taken over Washington DC. You started on one side of the river and had to work your way through the city. RA2 has some great enhancements over the original Command and Conquer games, not the least of which is being able to take marines and ‘garrison’ them into any building. They reinforce the building, and take up positions in the windows. They can really pound away at anything short of heavy armor and not take losses (until the building takes enough damage and has to be abandoned)
Alas, this took me until about 1:30 in the morning. HOLY CATS I haven’t done that in a long time, but it felt -good-! 5 hours of nice intense gaming. Very very tasty. I felt better. Maybe I just needed the relax time, huh?
Today, I’m off to the dentist to fix a problem in some work done a few weeks ago, then back to here for more coding! Woo!


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