Mobile computing on the Treo

Treo 650 with Keyboard Originally uploaded by eidolon. This past weekend while at the National Cohousing Conference, Cat and I shared a bit of geekery and picked up a palmOne IR Wireless keyboard so that we could take notes in various panels right into our Treos. After installing the .PRC file into both units, theRead More

I Am Returned!

Back from phase 2 of my whirlwind tour of east coast points of interest. Zach and I just got in from attending the National Cohousing Conference in Chapel Hill, NC. Cat is staying an additional day to attend the board meeting on Monday, then returns tomorrow night. We had a great time, flying down ThursdayRead More

Pittsburgh Road Trip, Day 2

(Written saturday on the Treo – typos may abound…) All set up! If I had my druthers I think i’d have preferred something less than 85+ degrees and 90% humidity with occasional rain squalls for setup day, but ya takes what yas can git. Parking last night in town was tricky. Where do you parkRead More

Pittsburgh Road Trip, Day 1

P7130027.JPG Originally uploaded by eidolon. Yesterday (the 12th) I set out on a somewhat ambitious journey. A driving trip from Boston to Pittsburgh for a 4 day camping excursion with blk. The occasion is a private party held out in the hills outside Pittsburgh. After much hemming and hawing, and taking into account my generalRead More

A successful movie night.

Last night the a-forementioned movie night was had at Chez Geek. This was my first real chance to show off the new monitor setup. We chose Chronicles of Narnia for presentation – so the kids could attend, and the grownups would have something to enjoy as well.

Busted for wearing a t-shirt.

Not sure where I first found this link, but: “Hey, listen. I’m a veteran. This is a V.A. facility. I’m sitting here not talking to anybody, having a cup of coffee. I’m not protesting and you can’t kick me out.” “You’ll either go or we’ll arrest you,” Adkins threatened. Smacks of the whole “Free SpeechRead More

Jesusland grows bold

Obscene Liberty Originally uploaded by Lightning Rose. This statue is real. This is not photoshopped. This horror is a 75′ tall product of the World Overcomers Outreach Ministries Church. They have a website about the ”Status of Liberation Through Christ”. They have erected this obscenity in Memphis, TN, against the objections of people in theRead More

Movies Saturday night?

So, with this splufty new monitor, I’d say I have about 2/3rds of a ‘home theater’. As such, why not have a movie viewing night? To keep things family centric, I’m planning on doing Chronicles of Narnia starting around 6:30, preceeded by a well-selected cartoon. Families, kids, popcorn all welcome. We’ll most likely follow itRead More

LJ RSS Feeds suck it. New methodology ho!

Apparently LiveJournal / SixApart have collectively decided that external RSS feeds aren’t worth fixing. Rather that continue arguing against this idiocy, with help from Lisa and MTLJPost, I’ve set up Planet Geek to crosspost new entries both on the blog and directly into LJ. How does that impact you, dear reader? Not in the slightestRead More

From the wilds…

It’ll come as no surprise to anyone that I’m someone who enjoys alone-time. On that Myers-Briggs thing? The ‘I’ gets pegged and glows orange. Others may argue, and possibly rightfully so, that I’m one of the most extroverted introverts around, but when it comes to “What do I want really?” – frequently it’s “I wantRead More