ZoobTube for RadioParadise!

This is pretty durned cool. A fellow has whipped up a sort of digital kaleidoscope that streams audio from Radio Paradise and generates a topical video montage using video from YouTube and images from Flickr. Sometimes it’s rather striking, sometimes it’s just weird. Check it out at DionLeroux.com.

Comcast FTW!

I’m generally not a big booster of Large Horrific Corporations, but it sure feels somewhere along the line, The Man figured out that customers are happier, when they get good service. Monopolies are stronger when their customers aren’t grouchy all the time. So it is with mixed feelings that I cast my blessings upon Comcast,Read More

All hail the FSM!

When I aquired clipper as my primary work machine, i needed to do something to really make it my own. I’d always wanted to do some sort of custom artwork on the cover of my laptops, usually to proclaim I’M NOT RUNNING WINDOWS. Well, that won’t work for this particular machine (it is, in fact,Read More

All hail USB rechargers!

Gosh, the fellow who figured out that USB devices had enough oomph on the bus to recharge the plethora of mobile geek devices we carry around should get some sort of award. With these gadgets, I’ve lowered the number of small chargers and other hardware I need to haul around with me when travelling. Here’sRead More

Slashdot promotes windows!

slashdotwindows Originally uploaded by eidolon. Ads are ads are ads. They generate revenue, they are the lifeblood of many websites. On most days, I can tolerate them. But when a website I’ve been using for a decade, a site that is truly the core of much of the Linux community, for all its faults, supportsRead More

When the geekery works!

About 2 months ago, I picked up the Blueant X5 headphones, and had high hopes of them being my primary audio interface to my machines. Unfortunately the Treo fell down pretty hard as my primary music player, but I’ve managed to shift over to other sources, and today I had my first “okay, that workedRead More

A quick bracelet

PC070097 Originally uploaded by eidolon. Oddly enough, Zach is the one who asked for this. I just finished stocking up my chainmail box so i could start doing some more interesting work using aluminum rings, and using anodized rings for color. Zach asked if I could make him a quick bracelet, so I whipped thisRead More

Can lightning strike twice?

About 10 years ago, I started writing an application that would have a profound impact on my life. Keystone started out a simple problem tracker, grew into a mature product that was getting 3000+ downloads everytime I did an update (about once every 3 months), and was ultimately sold to a DotCom that basically killedRead More

Lo I am converted

This weekend I’m down in DC doing registration services for an event – more detail on this later, but I have to gush a moment. The hotel room here is your fairly standard ‘big chain’ accomodation, except for one minor touch. The king-sized bed has a Tempurpedic mattress on it. I’m so hooked. It’s theRead More