Good things aligning.

It’s easy to gripe and moan and stone-kick when doing business travel. While it’s become routine for me, it’s really easy to fall into the “man this sucks. I miss my family” mindset. But this trip, I tried to schedule it carefully, work out what I was trying to accomplish, and stay focused on whatRead More

Windows USB Gripe dujour

A little further down the path spearheaded by my USB bus runneth over post, I’ve hit a snag that, while minor, is starting to infuriate me in that “little pointy bit in your clothing that keeps jabbing you” way. When clipper is docked, the docking station links it up with the vast array of USBRead More

Another spike in my Treo joy

As if the week couldn’t get even more enjoyable. I’ve been frustrated trying to find free wireless hotspots during my travels. Frequently I find myself parked outside my son’s school waiting for him to finish up something, and would like to get online and do, you know, those things I do online. Mail… and stuff.Read More

Teeny wonderful games

I recently got pointed at an ongoing contest on Java Unlimited whereby folks are encouraged to write a game that compiles into less than 4k. The size is calculated based on the JAR file resulting from the build, and must include all graphics, sounds, and logic. I recommend folks looking for some light entertainment goRead More

Build Your Own Electric Motor

This Sunday Zach comes into my room asking about how he can further his plans to build his own space ship. He was looking for motors and wings and combustibles. Boy is ready to go. After some discussion, he asked “Dad, I understand electricity, and how power gets to motors and batteries and lights, butRead More

Make Your Own Caption

Make Your Own Caption Originally uploaded by eidolon. There’s so many directions you can go with this picture. How would you caption it? Is it a sad abandoned kids cart in a big cold parking lot? Is it a silly comment about available spaces in Natick? What do you see?

Review: Bang! Howdy

A long time ago on a laptop far far away, I chanced across a new game called Puzzle Pirates. It was from a new outfit on the block calling themselves Three Rings. It looked fun, and even better, ran on Mac, Linux, and Windows without problems due to the wonderous portability of Java. I wasRead More

A smirk for the morning

From a conversation with Kevin about his final decision to punt windows and move on to better things… nickhalfasleep sez:Amazon users who bought a mac also purchased: * Beret * Black Sweater * Smug attitude While that certainly brought me a chuckle, the conversation definitely let me hash out bits about the triumphs and theRead More