A tractor for Mosaic

We’ve been hunting around for an inexpensive rider mower for Mosaic ever since we moved in. Since the playfield is getting close to mowing length, I was beginning to worry we wouldn’t find something in time. We found this little fellow at a roadside mechanics house up here in Maine. He always has snowblowers, mowers,Read More

Camping, Ice cream, and Friends

Back from an awesome weekend in upstate New York with about 180 friends. Geek camping at it’s best. One of the the weekend was making in the neighborhood of 140 different flavors of ice cream using liquid nitrogen as the freezing agent. Zach participated pretty freely this year, and much fun was had by all.Read More

Goodbye Interlude

The last load out. Tomorrow the dumpster gets picked up. I never enjoy the last bits if a move. I sort of wish it could all be done at once. But I know that has it’s own stresses. As I left Natick, I changed the ‘home’ favorite in my GPS to Mosaic. Guess it’s officialRead More

Not 64 bit.

Not 64 bit. Originally uploaded by eidolon Gall dang it. ‘ketch’ will be the new application server at our colo facility. I’vebeen slowly piecing it together and installing pieces on it. Tonight I sat down to load Debian etch. Lo, it kept coming up with: Your cpu does not support long mode Turns out theseRead More

A manageable fillup

(no subject) Originally uploaded by eidolon A year ago, filling up the van with gas cost somewhere around $80. Now that I’m commuting 60 miles a day, having the price back down is lovely. If it stays here long enough for us to move, I’ll be happy.

Mom and her MacBook

momsmac Originally uploaded by eidolon Mom’s mac mini has been acting up lately, throwing disk errors, refusing to boot, etc. It’s 3.5 years old, out of Apple warranty, and, well, it was time to upgrade. After a brief discussion and a glance at Apple’s refurb listings, we picked up a Macbook. 120gig of disk space,Read More


Picture 018 Originally uploaded by eidolon When we first starting putting Mosaic together, I was all excited to exercise my basic scrounging skills and start accumulating stuff to fill out all our new spaces. Alas, Mosaic took a LOT longer than expected to come to fruition, but now we can finally start getting all theRead More