Games for the road.

If you’re travelling, having good games on a Palm device is a big win. Since I have my Kyocera phone with me constantly, it’s great to be able to whip it out and play some games for a while. I’ve gotten tired of Bejeweled and I’ve been looking around for something more engrossing.


Ah be here! Arrived on Monday, and have been pretty busy since, so just wanted to drop a few lines to let folks know I’m still kicking about. Having all sorts of network technology problems though. Many of my preparations for road travel didn’t pan out, while others did. My Kyocera 7135 cell is notRead More

Hittin da road.

In the next 1/2 hour or so I’m hitting the road on a 2 week business trip that’ll take me to Florida, then to Nevada, then back here to boston. This is the busiest time I’ve had for work on Stonekeep stuff, and while I’m excited and pleased that things are busy, I realize it’sRead More

Stats and browsers

I recently posted a comment in the Slashdot forums referring to some spam and virii reports I was collecting. I started getting normal clickthroughs on the link, and while watching my access logs, I noticed that, for what should be the mainstay of Linux adoption in the geek world, an awful lot of folks wereRead More


Apparently large chunks of the folks who were at my 40th birthday party have come down with a cold. I know of a dozen or so at least. Headcold, sinus drip, the whole shebang. Whee I tell you, whee. Sorry everyone, but thanks for the party!

What a day.

I’m totally exhausted, but I have to just say I have an amazing group of friends and SO’s and just cool folks around me. For those not in the know, today was the culmination of Cat’s scheming and planning that resulted in a surprise birthday party for me on the Schooner Fame out of Salem.Read More