MythTV – Success!

“It’s really unstable” “It’s painful to set up” “Good luck with all the yak-shaving!” Poppycock! I come to you happily reporting on the successful installation, configuration, and implementation of MythTV. For those not in the know, MythTV is an opensource (aka Free) system that mimics much of the behaviour normally attributed to a Tivo. AtRead More

‘Woot’ defined!

I try to make it a habit to go to every day to see what spiffy things they have available (and have frequently gone ‘yes! I do want one of those turnip twaddlers!’, much to my chagrine. Anyway, today they have an interesting tidbit on the origin of the term ‘woot’… Several times aRead More

Fall in New England

I spent some time yesterday walking an abandoned rail line in Sudbury, MA. I’d been there once before and remembered the bridge. I didn’t however count on the runoff from all the rain we’ve had lately, so the water was very high (the big I-beams that support the bridge were half submerged). Also, late summerRead More


A bunch of geek work-at-home updates. Thanks to a little help from my #geekery friends, I have a new kernel running on ‘hunter’ (my T40 Thinkpad). I’m now running 2.6.13. It’s amazing how much better a 1.4gighz laptop works when it’s actually RUNNING at 1.4gighz. The old kernel was was forcing my CPU into ‘speedstep’Read More

Size Does Matter

So I finally received the replacement keyboard for my IBM t40 keyboard. After taking everything apart, the new keyboard wouldn’t fit. Things were slightly off. I looked back on the original eBay posting, “Yup, T40”, and fired off a piece of mail to the seller. He wrote back “Are you sure you have a 15″Read More

Adobe Acrobat Reader for Linux

Occasionally I find myself on the rougher side of situations while sticking to my guns regarding not using Microsoft products. Anyone who has had to interract with offices running only Redmondware are all too painfully reminded that Outlook users love sending PDF and Word and Excel attachments, frequently as the entire message, with the WordRead More

Which Thinkpad?

So I’ve been given the Okie Dokey to upgrade my laptop (featured here) to something with more memory and a faster CPU. The current machine is a T40 (1.2ghz, 768meg, 40gig). (although, for some mysterious reason, /proc/cpuinfo -always- says: model name : Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1400MHz stepping : 5 cpu MHz : 598.174 evenRead More

UberCon VI is coming up!

Ubercon is a gaming convention specializing in desktop gaming, miniatures, and RPG type events. It also includes a well run LAN gaming room (thanks to NJ Lan Party), where we have some total kick-ass UT2004 matches. 8) It’s next weekend (October 14-16th) in the Meadowlands, NJ. If folks are going to be in the area,Read More

Return O The Dave

An incredibly busy couple days has rendered my posts almost non-existent. There’s several reasons for this, I’ll try and enumerate some of my own realizations and other influences… It appears I do a ton of my blogging directly on my laptop. Perhaps while waiting for Z to go to sleep, or while sitting around atRead More


I admit I spent a lot of time working with older computers. But there was a time when there were no ‘older computers’ that I could get my hands on, and I was working with state of the art machinery. Like Tandy / Radio Shack TRS-80’s. Yes, that’s what I learned on. BASIC, Z80 assembler,Read More