It’s the little things in life.

Having hordes of LCD monitors around makes for some amazing lint-and-yuck gathering capabilities. It only takes moving your laptop into bright light to realize amount of junk that’s managed to accumulate on your screen. How do you clean it, though? Images of melted laptops and innocent users with some vicious chemical glass cleaners crop upRead More

And then the other shoe dropped

… well, not necessarily a shoe, but gravity was definately involved. Today through Saturday I’m down in NJ visiting ${client} and doing their X-mas party thingy. What better way to start a visit to your best client than.. to drop your laptop the night before leaving. Yup, ‘hunter’ took a 3′ dive onto the floorRead More

Our gig last Friday

Deluded_Blues_20051210_0108.sized Originally uploaded by eidolon. Well, this was our first ‘full’ gig – 3 1/2 hours of music on the day of the biggest snowstorm this year so far. Oddly, we all made it (eventually), and there was a decent crowd. We didn’t suffer any major equipment failures, and we only lost track of whereRead More


porchsnow Originally uploaded by eidolon. Why yes, we did get a lot of snow, why do you ask? This was a remarkable storm. I had to drive for several hours in it, and there was lightning, thunder, and almost zero visibility. At 3pm in the afternoon. At around 6pm, it just… stopped. The front movedRead More

A good shirt for Kansans

Barb pointed me to this image available on T-shirts from This site appears to be even more directly and unabashedly offensive than, which I have to admit has some pretty funny stuff on it. Anyway, this is available on a tshirt I wonder if I could get Cafepress to make a bumpersticker, somethingRead More

Seti@Home backlogged

Just as we were getting ready to kick those silly corporate folks out of the top slots in the seti stats, the seti@home project reports that things have backlogged in the mechanism for handing out new work and collecting completed work. This means many of the compute machines in our team have been idle aRead More

Hedonistic Uber Widgety

I must admit, when we bought our new Saturn relay, I was particularly astonished by the vast number of geeky widgety thingies it can do. DVD player, heated seats, FM radio with data feed, powered side doors, 110v outlet in the back, etc etc etc. One thing I thought was over the top was theRead More