Working from home…

Ahh, day 1 at home full time. Work is getting done, UPS is delivering and picking things up, I’ve had my coffee, and I’m going to get lunch shortly. Clients contacted, emails exchanged, contracts negotiated.
I responded to every one of them with “Take me off your list”, we’ll see if it helps. Have folks signed onto the National Do Not Call list, and has it worked? This is gonna drive me batshit.

Guilty pleasure

I have to admit, I’m a big fan of Dance Dance Revolution, or just ‘DDR’ for short. In premise, it sounds like a bad joke. “Okay, so you stand in front of this computer, on these pads, see, and it shows you the steps to make in time with the music. When it lights up, you step on the arrow. Keep up with the music and the steps, and your score goes up. You get scored on timing. You can compete against someone else at the same time, too!”
Wow, how… uninviting-sounding.
But in reality, this game is a -hoot-. It’s far more social than I expected (as in, it’s a lot more fun to play when either you’re playing with someone else, or with a group of people). It’s a helluva lot of exercise. A half hour of playing and you’re generally drenched with sweat. Fortunately we have a big room wit a big TV in it, so folks can sit around and watch and have fun, as we did last night.
Arora and I just took a midday break and played for about 45 minutes. Fun! It’s great when the two players are in sync, and keep up with each other and the game.
Now, back to work, but I’m sure we’ll hit it some more later.
For folks who know this game, we’re playing Konamix on a Playstation 1. Absolutely prehistoric by DDR standards, but for us newbies and wannabees, this is just right.

A… Not so productive day.

Boy, nothing like having a couple really busy days, then when finally sitting down for First Day On the Job, you don’t get diddly done. *sigh*. Today was nutty with a dentist appt this morning, and 2-3 hours of aftermath where I was hurting a lot more than I normally do after dental work, then a rapid fire series of visits from various in-laws.
Durn. Maybe I can get some quicky code done tonight.
Just ranting. Back to blogland…


Today was my last day at my fulltime employer. It was harder than I expected to walk out the door, but I still truly believe it’s the right decision for me personally.
I’ll be focusing my energy fulltime on my own business now, and all that entails. Part of that will include doing some contract work on the side to help pay the bills, but it’s all part of Business [tm].

Spring is here! Geocache time!

Today is was absolutely gorgeous in scene Bolton, MA. So much so that Zach and I decided to go out for a hike. After running an errand or two, I checked out to see if there were any new caches in the area. A few, but because we only had 2 or so hours, we decided to hike a trail very near the house.
This was called the Powerderhouse cache, which was along a trail in some town-owned land behind town hall. Unfortunately, the antenna for my Garmin GPS III+ is missing, so I couldn’t take the unit with me (it normally lives mounted to my dash in the VW).

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A very productive day.

Wow. What a day.
After feeling pretty grim last night, I slept in a little this morning, getting up around 9:30 to Cat making breakfast. The Zachster had slept in with me, but somewhere during the morning had gotten up and left. The joys of the barrier means I got a decent night’s sleep, and really didn’t notice Zach getting up and leaving the room.
Rick and Gabe spent the night, so I assumed that Zach was off playing with Gabe.
Breakfast was very yummy, and helped me get started. After a quick shower, I got started on the project of the day…

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Well, finally did it.

Today I gave my employers final notice that I’m leaving as of Wednesday of next week. That means the dreaded exit interview, and all that jazz.
They’re really in a hard place, and I wish my teammates well, but I have to get out of there. It’s doing me no good to hang on there, and I’ve already gone 5 weeks -past- when I said i was leaving, and even THAT date was 3 months notice. They’re still understaffed. *sigh*
Now all I need is customers.


Apparently I’ve managed to piss off just about everyone around me. Including my son and my wife. Is this the inevitable end to trying to balance work with home life? I alienate one or the other?
I need to find some balance. Somewhere.